Our Main Message to You

Every day, hundreds of people die from drug overdoses and alcohol addiction in the United States and across the world.  We at The Bradley Center provide addiction help with drug and alcohol recovery options for patients of all ages through a proven and effective medical assistance program.  If you're battling opiate addiction, heroin, pain pills or alcohol, WE CAN HELP!  Our office offers treatment through medically assisted planning with Suboxone and Vivitrol, along with certified alcohol and drug peer counseling, certified peer support specialists and convenient appointments for all schedules.  Our competitive advantage includes acceptance of most insurance carriers and providing certified treatment for all types of addiction.

What makes our business unique?  Our 3 step process for recovery and rehabilitation.  First, you must RECOGNIZE the need for addiction help and seek it through The Bradley Center.  Second, focus on your RECOVERY.  We can help.  You are stronger than your addiction, let us show you how simple and easy it can be to detox and recover from drug and alcohol abuse.  Lastly, let our certified counselors, medical professionals and specialists help you REINTEGRATE back into society with a clean, fresh outlook on life.  There is hope and there is help!

Our founders suffered from drug and alcohol abuse for many years.  Through successful addiction programs, they have celebrated over 30 years of sobriety together.   You can too!  Come join us in recovery and change your entire outlook on life!  Recovery starts here!

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