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Addiction clinic for drugs and alcohol in Louisville Kentucky
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Our Approach to Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Every day, The Bradley Center helps welcome, detox and stabilize a recovery process for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.  Founded by recovering alcoholics and addicts, The Bradley Center provides medical outpatient addiction treatment and counseling proven to effectively and efficiently wean the body of addiction.  The first step is to call us or stop by, we will take care of the rest.

Our Mission

To recognize and recover men and women suffering from addiction and alcohol and reintegrate them back into society with a new purpose in life.

Our Vision

To build upon our successful substance abuse recovery plan by welcoming men and women into our outpatient addiction treatment and counseling program.

We believe there is hope in healing.  We believe in YOU.

Our Story

The Bradley Center is founded by recovering addicts with over 30 years of combined sobriety.  Our purpose is to help others recover from addiction and the negative effects drugs and alcohol have on the body.  We are here to help you take back control of your body and mind, one recovery step at a time.  Our story is simple: recognize your addiction, let us help you drive your recovery.