Meet the Team

 When we say we UNDERSTAND your pain, it's because we've been there.  Our program is founded by recovering addicts and medical personnel eager to help save those struggling in our community.  We understand, because we have struggled with addiction and we have successfully regained control of our lives.  Let us help you regain control of yours.
It's a human thing.

Thirteen years ago, Bradley Helton was homeless, helpless and hopeless.  He dropped out of high school and earned an education in drugs and alcohol.  After years of painful suffering - at the extent of losing multiple friends and family to the disease of addiction - he surrendered to a treatment center.  Today, Bradley holds multiple college degrees and is currently working on his Master's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Leadership.  He is a member of the management team at PACCAR, a Fortune 500 company and has a passion for helping others.

Brandon Smiley celebrated 5 years of sobriety in July 2017.  Prior to July 2012, Brandon struggled with alcoholism and meth addiction.  He spent time in jail, became homeless, and lost the support of people close to him.  In 2013 he earned Alumni Status with Recovery Kentucky and began a career in substance abuse recovery.  Brandon has an Associate's Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Substance Abuse Assessment and is currently working on his Bachelor's Degree.  Currently, he is Program Director for 2 treatment facilities and a certified community health worker/ peer support specialist.

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